Each year our students compete in a variety of competitions called horse shows. 
The farm currently has 2 Academy Horse Shows per school year.
Everyone who takes lessons can compete in the academy shows, if they choose. 
Shows are in October (Academy), November, March, and May (Academy).
They are the perfect opportunity for riders to show off what they have learned during the school year. 
Family and Friends are encouraged to come support riders.


Older and more advanced riders can compete in local, off-property shows and additional horse shows at the farm.
These are more serious competitions that require more practice time and dedication. 
Costs vary per show but we try to make the in house academy shows affordable for all families.

In 2012, we did a Top Ten awards program. Pictured here are riding students at the 2012 awards dinner.


2012 Awards
Mary Cate Clayton (Grand Champion)
Carolyn Melton (Reserve Grand Champion)
Hannah Eidsness, Maddie Hamel, (3rd-10th place)
Laura Manning, Carson Gamble,
Jasmine Scardini, Erica Daly,
Natalie Start, Stephanie Duncan


2013 Awards     This year the awards program includes all students and has 3 categories.   Overall Top Ten, Academy Top Ten, Age Division Winners (all students get a ribbon)
Division 1  Ages 6-7
1. Emily Eidsness 25pts
2. Lia Worley 12pts
3. Thomas Glenn M 11pts
4. Emory Sweet 10pts
5. Olivia Rawls 4pts
Division 2 Ages 8-9
1. Abby Kelly 21pts
2. Reagan Munsee 19pts
3. Kayli Sessoms 17pts
4. Maggie Neal 16pts
5. Mary Catherine S. 15pts
Division 3 Ages 10-11
1. Maddie Hamel 33pts
2. Jackie Daly 31pts
3. Morgan Eidsness 17pts
4. Brettlyn Hudson 14pts
4. Dani Mullis 14pts
Division 4  Age 12
1. Hannah Eidsness 38pts
1. Lily Owens 38pts

2. Laura Mosely 36pts
3. Kenna Appaloni 33pts
4. Skylar Conner 24pts
5. Natalie Start 21pts
6. Kristen McConnell 10pts 
Division 5  Ages 13+
1. Carson Gamble 37pts
2. Erica Daly 36pts
2. Laura Manning 36pts

3. MaryCate Clayton 35pts
3. Carolyn Melton 35pts

4. Stephanie Duncan 34pts
5. Jaycie Ouelette 21pts
6. Maggie Scercy 16pts
1st-6th place.  Each rider gets a ribbon for their placing based on earned Academy Show Points

Does NOT include any open show points.  From FEC or Local Shows.

Lily Owens (Grand Champion) 38pts  Laura Mosley (Reserve G. Champion) 36pts
Kenna Appaloni (3rd) 33pts  Jackie Daly (4th) 31pts
Emily Eidsness (5th) 25pts   Natalie Start (6th) 21pts
Abby Kelly (6th)21pts  Reagan Munsee (7th)19pts
Morgan Eidsness (8th) 17pts   Kayli Sessoms (8th) 17pts
Maggie Neal (9th) 16 pts   Maggie Scercy (9th) 16pts
Mary Catherine Sheen (10th) 15pts
Carson Gamble 174pts  Hannah Eidsness 171pts
Carolyn Melton 161pts  Maddie Hamel 132pts
|Skylar Conner 131pts  Mary Cate Clayton 115pts
Laura Manning 96pts  Stephanie Duncan 91ptsErica Daly 81pts  Lily Owens 38pts


2014 AWARDS   This Year, there are awards for 10 Ten Academy, Top Ten Overall, and Level Divisions. (All Students who sign up get a ribbon).
Intermediate II-III
6-11years riding
1. Carson 126pts
2. MaryCate 89pts
3. Stephanie 62pts
4. Erica 59pts
Intermediate II
2-4 years riding
1. Dani 142pts
2. Hannah 117pts
3. Kenna 109pts
4. Carolyn 81pts
Intermediate I-II
2-4 yrs riding
1. Kayli 65pts2. Laura 62pts
2. Jackie 38pts
4. Lily 28pts
Novice 1-3 yrs riding age 8-9
1. Reagan 34
2. Lua 20
3. Olivia 14
4. Mary Catherine 8

Novice 1-3yrs riding age10-12
1. Kaelin 28pts
2. Katelyn 22pts
3. Abby 19pts
3. Brettlyn 19pts

Beginner1yr or less
age 6-8
1. Alyssa 22pts
2. Emily G 21pts
3. Hailey 8pts
4. Rebeckah 5pts
4. Kelsey 5pts
Beginner1yr or less
age 9-10
1. Natalie 16pts
2. Ella 9pts

Beginner1yr or less
age 11-12
1. Avi 31pts
2. Aiden 7pts
2. Brantlee 7pts

3. Audrey 6pts
ACADEMY TOP TEN (11th - 20th place) OVERALL TOP TEN (1st - 10th place)
 Laura Mosley. 62  (1st)  38pts  Maddie Hammel (2nd)  51pts      
Jackie  (3rd)     38   
Reagan Munsee 34pts         Avi  Strange  (4th)    31pts
 Lily Owens  &  Kaelin McAda (5th) 28pts   Kristen McConnell (6th) 25pts
Katelyn Spell  &  Alyssa Gasperson  (7th)  22pts    Emily Green  (8th)  21pts           
Lua Yousefian(9th) 20pts          
Hannah Eidsness (1st)  298pts   Carson Gamble  185pts
Dani Mullis (3rd)  157pts  Kenna Apalloni  (4th) 109pts
Carolyn Melton (5th)  94pts  Skylar Conner (6th) 92pts 
Mary Cate Clayton  (7th)  89ptStephanie Duncan  (8th)  78pts
Erica Daly (9th)  75pts       Kayli Sessoms (10th)   65pt

2015 AWAEDS This Year, there are awards for OVERALL TOP TEN                  2016 OVERALL TOP TEN
Hannah Eidsness (1st) 334pts       
Dani Mullis (2nd) 142pts               
Kenna Apolloni (3rd) 80pts  
Erica Daly (4th) 62pts                    
Katelyn Spell  (5th) 60pts
Mary Catherine Shene  (6st) 59pts          
Carolyn Melton  (7th) 55pts 
Natalie Gilbert (8th) 52pts   
Alyssa Gasperson (9th) 32pts  
Kayli Sessoms (10th) 29pts 
Hannah Eidsness (1st) 170pts
Danielle Mullis (2nd) 61pts + 35pts = 96pts
MaryCatherine Shene (3rd) 73pts
Erica Daly (4th) 67pts
Natalie Gilbert (5th) 60pts
Kenna Sessoms (6th) 48pts
Isabeau Blanken (6th) 48pts
Alyssa Gasperson (7th) 46pts
Kenna Apolloni (8th) 43pts