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Its a very special job to be a lesson horse.  A lot of horses just can't do it.  They are great personal horses, as were all the ones I bought and sold because they didn't work here.  A lot of times, I like a horse and it rides good for me, but it just doesn't suit the kids. I have learned how to pick out horses a little better now, but also, its sometimes the luck of the draw, some horses take time to adjust and some seem to just come here in order to find their real home. I always call the old owners back to see if they want the horses before I sell them/place them. Some people care about their horses and some were just looking to sell them in the first place.


The first horse to live at FEC.  He was a very decent horse.  A true 16 hands.  He was a good walk/trot horse.  He was hard to make canter.  Ran on top of people a bit (ground manners were bad).  Out of all that I got rid of, he probably should have stayed.  Oh well.

Deebs (Came as Diablo also came with Dallas)

A very nice horse, ridden in the ring and on trails.  Smart and cunning.  Tried to get away with too much and tried to intimidate his riders.  Got a great home with a friend of mine.




Registered APHA Impressive Breed mare.  A nice horse, not for lessons because she was not ring broke enough.  She unfortunatly is the horse that kicked through a barbed wire fence (not at my place) and sawed her leg down to the bone.  Cut two tendons.  Now lives with a friend of mine.  Pasture sound only.


Given away.


Very sweet TWH mare.  Has COPD.  Wasn't right for lessons.  Got scared when certain people got on her.  She now lives with Caroline, one of my students and has a laid back life with her other horse.




Given away.

Banner (came with JR)

An old Missouri Fox Trotter.  The kids at the barn he came from told me he was their favorite.  He ended up not working out for us here.  He really didn't behave well.  He ended up going to live with a small animal vet who wanted an older gaited horse.  Don't know if he is still alive he was pushing 30 when we got him.



Given away.

Chupolo (came with Bandit)

I bought him when he was underweight and fattened him up.  He was decent in lessons, a few little girls loved him.  He did a few weeks of camp.  He was difficult to get along in the pasture and he had a little evil streak in him that I didn't like for lessons.  (quite noticeably, he used to be a stallion, I do believe).  He bucked one of my kids off at camp...all added up to a quick ticket out.

Traded him in for Jezelle and he was bought by a nice lady who loved him.  Sadly he died in 2010, by being attacked by another horse.






Beauty was pretty decent little horse until we got our arena graded and sanded.  At first the ring was very deep with sand and not packed at all.  Beauty had a slight lameness in her hind, it would seem and the deep sand really ticked her off.  She started bucking at that point.  A very cute  13.2 hand pony.  She was sold to a good home off  an add on the internet.




She is from way back in the day.  An older horse who didn't cost me very much.  One of those advertised as a "kid's" horse.  NO way.  She had a very bad head tossing habit, that earned her a fast ticket out of here.  She was blind in her left eye, it was very recent because her eye had not sunken in yet.  We sold her to some nice ladies who needed a pasture mate over in York, I think.




Ah Trickster........
Trickster is the cold backed horse that bucked me off and as a result caused me to sprain my left ankle.  A cute horse, that was smart and was progressing with his training.  I usually lunged him or round penned him before riding him.  But I stopped doing that and that's when the trouble started.  He was sold to a nice man and I'm not sure what happened, but I think he continued to be a pain in the butt.




Bubba was Adaar's best friend and he came over with Adaar in the beginning of FEC.  He belonged to a friend of mine who let us lease him.  She decided to sell him and he got a great home with a youth rider.  Adaar and Bubba suffered a horrible separation.  Bubba almost died and Adaar was very depressed and lost a lot of weight.  But they both made it obviously.


Leased then sold.


Red came from the same place as PJ.  He was a green broke young QH.  A girl named Morgan leased him, then bought him.  He still lives at the Greenway in FM owned by his next owner.  I liked him but didn't feel like working with him to get him into lessons.  His sale paid for the arena to be graded.  Thanks Red!




A very possibly abused pony, that be bought in the beginning years.  We thought we could work with him, but he ended up being something that would not work out for lessons.  We sold him and Hank to some horse friends, who then sold both of them eventually.  When you first would get on him, he would go nuts.  Bryan didn't have his stirrup once  and couldn't hold on.  He came off of him and got a nice bruise in the shape of his cell phone.  Since then he removes his wallet and cell from his pocket before riding.






A cute arab/qh cross.  He was decent, but had the bad habit of rearing and spinning to try to intimidate his rider.  If you pushed him through it, he stopped, but that was his test.  He was sold with Hunter.  Trial horse only.





Did not make a very good kid or lesson horse.  Trail horse only.  Rode good for me...always the problem.




Jazz was a lease horse, that we borrowed from a very nice lady in Iron Station, NC.  She was a good endurance horse and at home she did not mind riding in the ring.  When she got to my place, she acted very excited in the arena and never got past the "I think I'm trail riding...lets go fast!!!!" thing. So we sent her home.



Leased and returned.


Sassy was given to me by a good horse friend.  She was a good walk trot horse, who didn't like to canter and who eventually, began scarring the kids a little in the ring.  We loaned her out to the people who bought Dunny and Hank.  She eventually came back and was given to the Cabinass family in Fort Lawn.




Given away.


Cute 13.2 hand App/Paso pony.  Rode great for kids with experience.  Unfortunately at the time, I didn't have any and she gave my kids a lot of crap.  We eventually sold her back to her previous owners.  She was about to have a baby, but a few weeks before she was due, she got struck by lightning and died.
Poor Zoey :(



Sold back to previous owner..


One of the founding members of our program.  Lucky was given to us by a horse friend past Waxhaw.  Referred to us by Susan Whiteside, thanks Susan!  He taught most of my beginning students how to ride.  He had navicular and was somewhat lame but not too bad.  We used plastic shoes on him.  He eventually got pretty sour and we gave him back to his old owner, who still has him and rides him.


Yep, that's Emma in 2006.


Given Back to previous owner.


OMG was I ever scammed the day I bought her.  Poor horse was scared to death each time we saddled her up.  She shook all over.  A few kids did come to ride her to see if they wanted to buy her and they actually did ok on her.  I think she must have been abused or had a screw loose or something.  She wouldn't even ride forward when we got her.  She did this spinny thing and up and crazy thing.  We eventually got her moving forward and riding.  She was very beautiful, we were blinded by the bling I think..  Curses on the fact that Christa and I ride too well to be able to try out horses and see their faults until we bring them home. Grrrrr.






Bandit's daughter.  I bought her underweight and fattened her up.  She was a super sweet horse that just had too much spunk.  I thought she would calm down, but she never did enough to stay and be a lesson horse.  I sent her back to Bandit's old Momma and she sold her to someone else.  A very precious horse.


Sold back through previous owner.


A nice horse that I really liked.  She had a few quirks, but was mostly good.  She was a bit group sour and that's the reason I got rid of her.  She wouldn't ride independently in the ring.  She frantically tried to get back to the group when it was her turn.  I gave her to Charlotte Cannon to sell for her own purpose, that never happened, so I gave her to an old student, for her step-son and he loves her. 


Given away.


I loved Dallas.  She went lame after being her for a short time.  We spent a year trying to figure out what was wrong.  But we never could figure it out.  We ended up giving her away to a lady who tried to breed her.  She never took.  And I do believe she was placed in a home for light use.


Given away.


Bryan's horse.  She had a whole lot of training, but never really settled into being ok for lessons.  With Bryan off at school, we decided to sell her.  She got a good home, the people who got her seem to like her.  She is pregnant and I keep up with her owner on Facebook.





River rode beginners straight away and was a great horse.  Unfortunately she had some health issues.  Allergies, asthma, and hock problems.  After 1 year of doing lessons, she had had enough!  So, by the second year of camp, she just had to do bareback and beginner weeks.  We gave her away to a great home where, she ate a poisonous plant and had a seizure, they saved her, but then a few months later it happened again, and she was put down.


Given away.


A saddlebred filly.  Very pretty, we started her under saddle and everything.  With Bryan going to school and  it not being practical to keep her, she wasn't anywhere being close to broke, we decided to sell her.  She is pregnant with her second baby. She has a great home!



Maybelline and Hudson

Maybe was supposed to be a beginner horse, and she was not.  She was made for being a personal horse.   We sold her and Hudson (the baby she was pregnant with, we didn't know when we got her) to a camp student.






One of the best horses ever.  In the fall of 2009, shortly after the picture to the left was taken, Junior started to go lame and never recovered.  I miss my boy. 



Gunner did ok to start with but lessons aren't really for him.  He got along well with one of my students, so I let them take him.  Hopefully he will work out for them.

Given Away


Style was a good horse. She did too much bucking to be a lessons horse. One of my students bought her.




She was leased for almost two years, but went home in the spring of 2010.  A pretty good little horse that was great for beginners.


Leased and returned.



DOB:  April 11, 1991       
Breed: Paint/Pinto
Color: Chestnut/White
Markings: Tobiano w/ wide blaze
Registered Name:  Unknown 
came as Shoshone
Riding Level: Beginner 1+


River tries hard and is a great smooth
riding beginner horse.

She was given away to a great home but died within a year.




DOB: April 30, 1988               
Breed: AQHA
Color: Sorrel
Markings: Blaze, One Sock
Registered Name: Ole Man in the Moon
Riding Level: Beginner 1 +

One of the best horses here at FEC; a barn favorite!

JR went to live with his old owner, Shannon.  I used to take lessons with her when I was a kid.  He has a great retirement home and I am thankful that she was able to take him.  He was not showing signs of improvement after his legends treatment, and as good of a horse as he is, he deserves to rest.

Junior had 1 year of retirement, but had to be put down.  He got to live on lush green pastures and warm stalls for a year with his old owner.



DOB  April 19, 1993
Breed: AQHA
Color: Chestnut
Markings: Star, Strip, Snip. Left Fore sock Left Hind Stocking, Right Hind half pastern.
Registered Name: Her Impressive Style
Riding Level: Intermediate 1


Pretty good riding horse!


FOR SALE $1200 This is a nice horse who needs her own person to love.  She does much better with one owner than with switching in lessons.  Very smart and likes to jump.  Also is a bombproof trail horse, has ridden through a fairground with huge crowds of people, horses, golf carts dragging trashcans,  flags, loud speakers, strollers, wheelchairs, tractors dragging 20ft oil drums,caotic commotion, horse pulled carts and buggies, she didn't flinch once.  She will take care of you. 

Sold to Emily Brown

MAYBELLINE                     SOLD to Taya

Breed: APHA
DOB: April 2, 2000   
Color: Sorrel/White
Markings: Overo, Bald Face, Eyeliner, Blue Eyes
Registered Name: Cabins Charisma
Riding Level: Advanced

Maybelline is pregnant, as of August, the vet say 8-9months.  She is also waiting to be sold to Taya, who fell in love with her during camp this summer.  (we didn't know she was pregnant at the time).  This is Taya riding her in July!


DOB: March 30, 1993 
Breed: APHA
Color: Chestnut/ Overo (Buckskin actually)
Markings: Bald face, Blue Eyes, Four white stockings, Overo Markings
Registered Name: My Sweet Snoopy
Riding Level: Intermediate

Ah Snoopy. What a sweet boy. He has really gotten used to being here. At first I didn't know if he would make it but he has adjusted and really likes it here now.

Sold to Reid Barrett


DOB:  June 15th, 2004    
Breed: Paint
Palomino & White
Belly Spots, Blaze, 3 socks, Blue Eye
Registered Name:
  I'm Wearing PJ's
Riding Level:
In Training

PJ is also Bryan's horse.  She is for sale as a broodmare prospect, pasture mate, or advanced riding horse.





DOB: ?     Age:23
Breed: Paint
Markings: Chestnut Overo, Bald Face, White Sock
Registered Name: ? She has one Just Don't Know it.
Riding Level: Beginner - Intermediate

This kid on SeaStar probably doesn't know much about what she is doing. This was at a birthday party and Seastar had only been with us for a few weeks at this point. She fit right into our herd and program as a beginner horse. She is great with kids Just have to get her fattened up a bit.

Given to Reid Barrett


February 17, 1990                
Breed: Paint Breed Stock
Blaze, 3 socks
Registered Name:
Gold Bars Wiz Kid
Riding Level: Intermediate II+


GREAT HORSE, But injured since June.  We hope she recovers soon.  STILL LAME In MAY.  Took x-rays of her foot, nothing wrong with it.  Flexed all joints, no sign of where the lameness is coming from.
Next step Chiropractor; that's all that's left!
Still Lame after all efforts.

Given away

Jenny of Mystic Ridge


DOB: April 19th, 2003
Breed: Half Andalusian/Paint
Color: Sorrel Tobiano/Grey

Misty was given to us by Susan Whiteside and Joyce Gibson.  She has come along way since we got her in May of 2012.  She has some girls that love her.

July 26, 2005    
Breed: American Saddle Bred
Color: Chestnut
Markings: Offset Blaze, 3 white socks
Registered Name:  Sparkling Red Romance
Riding Level:  Advanced Intermediate


AND....She's back and riding walk-trot-canter!


DOB: May 3, 1993   
Breed: APHA
Color: Bay/ Tobiano
Markings: Star, stripe, snip, four white legs
Registered Name: Gambling Joe
Riding Level: Beginner/Intermediate +

Joey is a great horse!  He is on loan from some of
my horse clients.  His talents were a big surprise,
he is even better than I ever expected he
could be and the kids love him. 
He rides in regular lessons and in therapeutic lessons.

Joey ended up being too much horse for our program.

Leased and Returned