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Took Style to a sale, but didn't sell her.  That was quite an experience.  One I won't do again.  It was fun, I rode her all around and she was great, but we were dead last in the sale, and her highest bid was $225.  And she is BROKE.  So, no, she can stay here a while longer til I find her the right owner.
That same day I had Monica call me and tell me again about a horse she had offered me a yr ago.  He was with another horse person I know, and he needed a home.  This is a navicular horse (like Lucky) who may have to be nerved (like Baily) at some point.  So far he is pretty neat and fun.  Reminds me of Dallas with his looks and his work attitude.  I added a beginner week back to camp, seeing as a gained another easy horse (thought I couldn't have one because I didn't think I would have enough beginner horses with Mel gone.

We are planning our first annual golf tournament fundraiser.  To be held at Pinetuck Golf Course, Rock Hill SC off of hwy 901, on May 3rd at 10:30am.    GOLF TOURNAMENT

Happy New Year everyone!
It been really cold here recently.  I don't like it!  Neither do the horses.  Bryan is starting his third semester of PA school (7 total).  Stormy is on his second bottle of medicine and doing well.  Hope you all have a wonderful new year. 

Summer camp is over.  We had beautiful weather all summer long.  It was incredible.  Thanks to all my wonderful helpers, Jen, Courtney, Amber, and Amelia.  I love you girls, you did a great job!

Summer camp started this week!  Looking forward to a long summer with lots of fun.  Thanks to all who have signed up.  Plenty of room left in summer lessons as well and a few camp spots left.

Happy New Year!  Christa and I are working to get the non-profit up and running...we have been going around introducing ourselves to the public and learning a lot of good stuff about how all the fundraising/public relations thing works.   Lessons are going well...I think back to even a year ago and realize how blessed I am to have all of you dedicated children and families with me here at FEC.  I really appreciate all of you, especially during these hard financial times.  Thank You for your support! 

All in one day, Saturday Sept 13th.  Some amazing things happened.  My official, final paperwork came back from the IRS, and we are now a non-profit.  Bandit came up for quick sale, reduced!!!!!!  And I got a new phone that actually works.  However, picking up Bandit today topped all of that, as I have missed him every day since he was gone.  I am so happy I could cry as I watch him CALMLY walk around his old home like he never left.  This is a very special horse, who stole my heart this summer and I just couldn't live without him.  Thanks to everyone who prayed with me today over the solution to finding the money to buy him. 

Maybelline's baby was born.  Its a boy!  Again.  Name is Hudson.  Here he is, born at 1:35am Tuesday.     


Last night I received my paperwork back from the IRS for the non-profit we wish to create here, to serve children with disabilities.  I called the lawyers today, and they were already busy working on it and have it finished and ready to sign this afternoon.  We are that much closer to reaching our goal of having our program here!  So, as soon as this paperwork is returned, we should be official!!!  IF WISHES WERE HORSES, INC.

8/11/08 (day time)
Today was a good day of camp.  And great weather.  In the afternoon, we worked with Jezelle again.  Our goal was to sit on her today.  We worked her on the lounge line then we put Emily on her and led her around. Then we trotted her with Emily on.  Then we let Emily go and Jezelle rode around the ring great for her first time!!!  We are pretty impressed.  Emily also made her trot by herself!


8/11/08 (middle of night)
Today (in a few hours) is the first day of the last week of camp.  It has flown by.  On Friday of last week, I sent home Bandit and took Chupolo home as well to trade him for Bandit's Granddaughter, Jezebel who now goes by Jez or Jezelle.  I miss Bandit terribly and hope that there will be some way someday, that I can buy him and bring him back here.  The kids that knew him also miss him many of us have cried over loosing him, but it is not the end, we will see him again.  Jez had some catching up to do with training, but proved to be very smart and willing in her first day of training.  She would rear up on the lead line to try to break away.  We are very quickly getting to the bottom of that, with lounging work.  She went over the bridge and jumped the barrels and small jumps.  She voluntarily went over the barrels after we were done asking her to because she understood what we wanted of her..  Very willing.  I even laid across her back and had Christa walk me around.  Hope to be breaking her to ride soon!

It has been a while since I have added anything.  Camp has been going well, we have had some pretty nice weather all summer.  It will be a miracle if August is as nice.  Bandit and Melody return home in 3 weeks, we will certainly miss them here.  The baby is growing like a weed.  Maybelline is pregnant! Very pregnant, like 8-9 months along (they go to 11 mos).  I thought I had her sold, but that will have to wait for a while now if ever.  Dallas may have found a retirement home.  River keeps on being mean and hateful, so unless I find her a perfect situation, I am going to have to put her out of her seeming misery. 

If you read this, please check on the new prices for the fall.  I am going to have to go up to $25 for group lessons, per person.  I have held it back as long as I could.  Also, there will be a handbook and new release forms to sign in the fall - that would be Sept 1st, when the new schedule starts. 


The second week of camp was great!  Chupolo seems to be improving and has done lessons, so he is going to do camp next week.  The new baby is growing, and now wears a halter.  We haven't had rain for over 10 days, so the grass is non-existent.  But everything is ok other than that!
Diamond and Bandit went to a horse show for a few hours on Sat afternoon, I will post pictures sometime this week.

The first week of camp was a huge success!  Everyone had a great time a learned a lot.  7 more weeks to go.  Thank you to all the participants and parents!  We appreciate your support of our farm.

The first two days of camp have been great!  We have had great lessons, great horses and great, no... never mind, HOT weather!  We built a bridge for the horses to walk across and have been working on trail obstacles in the ring.  Today we rode bareback for the second half of our camp riding time.   Its funny how things work out.  My farrier, whom I love dearly, is MIA, so I am having a problem with some of my horses' feet.  Brie has a hole in her foot from an abscess 1 year ago.  It has now grown out and Lenny came and patched it (by cutting out the dead hoof and sealing it with glue/epoxy) a few weeks ago.  Now the shoe, her foot, and the the glue/epoxy are all falling off.  So, we may loose Brie for the entire summer, or forever, if it is NOT taken care of soon.  Anyway, because Brie is out, we had to use Diamond, who is so far, being good for camp.  So, maybe it was time for her to start working.  Chupolo pulled his stifle on Saturday morning and he is getting at least 10 days, maybe more days, off to recover.  I have 8 horses that need shoes and no farrier in site; this job can be frustrating!

Only a few more days until camp.  We are busy getting ready here and can't believe it is just around the corner. 

The Spring Lesson Schedule is ending this week.  The summer schedule is posted on the lesson page.  The first lesson starts at 7pm and the second around 8:15 or 8:30pm.  Lessons will be arranged so that they can fill up, so some people may need to switch days or times.  Saturday lessons will remain the same for June and then requests have been taken for the earlier times in July and August.  Please contact me about times and days for all lessons.

Lady's baby boy (stud colt)  is born.  We missed the birth, but found him (apparently) right after he was born.  Breezy has partial Blue Eyes, from dad!


These Pictures are taken from                                            Lady, Breezy's Mom
Midnight Matt "Mighty Man" - Breezy's Dad

We are awaiting Lady's baby.  She is bagging up, but is not quite ready to pop!  Chupolo is doing well and learning fast.  So far he is gentle and takes care of his riders. Just have to fatten him up.  Only two weeks until camp starts!  It is coming fast.  We have been hauling and putting hay up like crazy.  Hope you kids have a good last few weeks of school.  Happy Memorial Day!

We got two new horses in on Wed the 14th.  One is Chupolo, an Azteca - Quarter Horse/Andalusian Cross (But in reality he is probably a Paso Fino Cross) 14.1 hands, smooth canter, good ring horse, intermediate level.  And a Paint/Arab cross, Bandit, who is a western pleasure show horse, he is for sale for $7500 and will be leased until sold here this summer & used in camp.  So hopefully with the two leased horses (another one coming at the end of the school year) and all the rest of the lesson horses, we will have enough horses for camp.

We had 6 horses worked on by the Chiropractor today, they are all improving or weren't bad to begin with.  My search for beginner horses continues, Maybe is not going to make it as a beginner lesson horse, although she has great potential as a riding horse, especially after all the work we have done to her back.  She is not for me.  She feels much better though, hopefully she can go home to GA.  Fly Predators are put out and we are hoping that they will reduce the fly population this summer.  There will be a shipment every month.

Pat Wright, Mandy Wright, and Gayle Posipanko, will be our "fun" show judges this summer at our camp.  Each week we will have a show for campers and parents on Thursday morning.  Can't wait to add this to camp this year!  Hay is being cut today and tomorrow and there is lots of it, unlike last year.  Only problem is the price of it is about the same as a gallon of gas - actually $3.50 - $4 a bale, where as last year has was $2 -$3.50 per bale for the same kind of hay.  But it could be worse, so I'm not really complaining.  I am going to try one more thing on Dallas, before I give her away/sell her.  Gelatin.  It would be nice if she would recover.

We had a lesson at Fox Point Farm today.  Diamond, PJ, and Maybelline went.  It was a good lesson, PJ jumped the barrels standing straight up with Christa.  Maybelline is just improving in general...we will be keeping her (actually not so), and Diamond's canter is getting much better, although Diamond still thinks she knows everything.  She is a good girl!

Happy Birthday to Adaar!  He is 10 years old today.  I have "owned him" since her was 2 months old.  Today I called Dallas' old owners to let them know that after a almost a year of trying to fix her, we have given up and are going to give her back to them or sell her as a broodmare prospect.  Also we are going to give River the rest of the time off until camp because she is LAME.  Hopefully she can do walk/trot bareback and the beginner sessions.