PERSONAL, LESSON, AND CAMP HORSES & BABIES                                                                                              
Bachi's Nice Dream
May 7th, 2013
Lester's Pretty Ginger x Blue Eyed Dream
Stellar Silk
June 6th, 2013
First Rate Christa Star x LW War Chief


DOB: May 4th 1998 
Breed: Arabian
Color:  flea-bitten Grey
Markings: None
Registered Name: EMPERIAL ADAAR
Riding Level:  Advanced

Adaar is my personal horse, he has been with me since he was 2 months old; I raised him from a baby.  He is very talented and knows how to do a lot of neat stuff.  He does very well at horse shows and is a great trail horse. Adaar doesn't really ride well for anyone else. So he is just my horse.


DOB: August 8  2003   
Breed: Paint
Color:  White and Black.
Markings: Medicine Hat/ War Bonnet
& Blue eyes with eyeliner 
Registered Name:  First Rate Christa Star
Riding Level: Intermediate +

Chrissy  is a very special sweet girl who has been with us since Dec 6th 2005.  She likes a confident rider.  We had her for 8 months before finding out that she is deaf.  She is wonderful, willing, and loving horse despite her deafness.  One of my all time personal favorites.


DOB: July 3 1998   
Breed: Spotted Saddle Horse
Color: Red Dun with Flaxen Mane
Markings: Blaze and one white sock
Registered Name: Lester's Pretty Ginger
Riding Level:  Intermediate II +

Ginger belongs to my husband Bryan, she is his first horse ever.  Ginger is a five gaited spotted saddle horse, with no spots.  She can trot and rack, has a super canter and jumps 2 &1/2 feet.  Ginger is a great trail and ring horse and is very fun to ride.  She rides some intermediate kids now.



DOB:    May 30th, 1990       
Breed: Spotted Saddle Horse
Color: Black and White
Markings: Wide Blaze, Socks, Spots
Registered Name: Breaker's Pretty Lady
Riding Level: Intermediate +

Lady is also Bryan's horse.  We have had her since July of 2005.  She is Ginger's mom.  Bryan wanted lady so he can make more Gingers.  But Lady has also turned out to be a great lesson horse.  She is Five gaited (she can rack and trot) and has a great smooth canter.  Lady is well trained, she does beginner/intermediate lessons and therapeutic lessons.

LADY's baby is here PICTURES


DOB: March 2, 2003    
Breed: APHA Paint
Color: Red Roan Overo/ White
Markings: Medicine hat, overo makings
Registered Name: Blazing Blue Diamond
Riding Level:  Advanced Intermediate

Diamond was given to us by the person who owns Stormy's dad. She is sensitive and sometimes gets confused with children when she doesn't know what they want. But she tries hard and has a heart of gold.

The sweetest horse on the planet!


DOB: 1990
Color: Grey and White
Markings: Tobiano grey head. White body
Registered Name: Sky Bug Pete
Riding Level: Beginner - Intermediate


Ghost is a super great boy who was given to us by Laura Lawson.  He rides 3yrs olds +, but does have a weight limit of about 150lbs and a 21" jumping height limit.


Breed: APHA
Color: Sorrel and White
Age: March 1st, 2000
Registered Name: TRI JOLT
Riding Level: Intermediate+

Jolt was donated to us by the Bradleys in Rock Hill, SC.
He is so sweet and loving and has become a great addition to our farm.  I absolutely love him!  He loves little girls and getting rubbed on and getting treats from them and he deserves to be spoiled!



DOB: May 28, 2008  
BREED: Spotted Saddle Horse
Color: Black and White
Markings: Tobiano, Star & Snip, 4 Stockings
Registered Name:
Riding Level: Intermediate II +

Lady's Baby!  He is in training and still loves his mom, Lady, very much.


DOB: 1    March 1, 1995       
BREED: Half-Arab/Pinto
Color: Bay and White
Markings: Tobiano
Registered Name: Ahshah's Silk Hanky
Riding Level: Beginner I +


We leased Bandit for the summer of 2008 then Bought him on 9/15/08.
Bandit knows his stuff, but sometimes I think he would rather still be out at Wanda's sleeping all day in a stall and making babies. Oh well.



DOB: Oct 15, 2001           
Breed: Pintaloosa
Color: White and Bay/ Roan
Markings: Medicine Hat, Chest Color, Patch on Shoulders and on Flanks.
Show Name: Electric Blue Pajamas
Riding Level: Beginner +


I am very happy to have this little guy.  He is smart and athletic. And has become a beginner horse.  He is also doing well with more advanced riding and showing.


(Bandit's Granddaughter)
DOB 8/31/05
Breed: Pinto-Part Arab
Color: Chestnut/White
Markings: Tobiano, Blaze, Ink Spots, Blue Eye
Registered Name: LW First Rate War Fleet
Riding Level: Intermediate+


This is our beloved Bandit's granddaughter.   She is also Chrissy's Cousin.  Her grandfather is Chrissy's great- grandfather.  Came as JEZEBELLE.

Jezelle is in the program, she is a favorite among intermediate lesson kids. 



DOB: April 25th, 2006
Breed: Spotted Saddle Horse/Appaloosa
Color: Bay Roan
Markings: Appy Roaning and Spots/Tobiano
Show Name:
Riding Level: Intermediate

Hope is very sweet and willing.  She joined us on Jan 5th, 2013.  She is safe and is getting better and better at riding every day.


DOB: April 4, 2011
Breed: 5/8 Arab 2/8 TB 1/8 Paint
Markings: Tobiano
Color: Chestnut and White
Registered Name: LW BELLA DAWNA
Riding Level: In Training

Bandit's Grand daughter



DOB: April 6, 1989        
Breed: Quarter Horse
Dark Brown
Star, tiny snip
Registered Name:
Baily's Miss Delight
Riding Level: Beginner - Intermediate

Baily is a wonderful kids horse and  is a very nice horse to learn the basics on.  She is a favorite at the barn. 




DOB: March 5th, 1987    
Breed: AQHA
Markings: Chestnut with Blaze (Star, Strip, Snip. Left & Right Fore Socks, Stockings on Back Legs.
Registered Name: Joses Lucky Penny
Riding Level: Beginner - Intermediate

Lucy was Given to us through one of my horse friends. She has been a delightful addition to our farm, doing therapeutic riding and beginner lessons. What a gem!





Breed: Thoroughbred

April 15th, 2004 - Jan 20th, 2012

To say that I am devastated at the loss of this horse is an understatement. 
This little OTTB stole my heart and I delighted in every moment that I rode her, was around her, and watched my kids' faces light up with a bright smile, when they rode her.  I wanted this horse for a full lifetime - not the short lifetime I had with her.  Looking at her pictures still makes me cry.  I've never been touched by a horse the way I was by her.



Stormy had 2 bouts of liver failure.  We weren't able to save him the second time. 
Sadly we had no choice but to put  him down in on Jan 19th, 2015.

DOB: June 26, 2007  
Breed: Quarter Horse
Color: Red Dun
Markings: Star, Stripe, Small Snip
Registered Name: Baily's Storm Delight
Riding Level: Advanced Intermediate

Stormy is Baily's baby we bred and raised him. Sent him to training with Charlotte Cannon fall of 2010. He is now riding!!!
Stormy was sick before he went off to training.  Our vet considers his recovery from a nasal fungal infection to be a miracle.
Getting him to behave has been a challenge, he came out kicking, biting, bucking, and domineering any horse and any person he could.  He still thinks he is in charge and therefore only a limited number of students are allowed to ride him.  I don't want anyone getting hurt! 





DOB: January 1993 - December 2012       
Breed:   Thoroughbred
Color: Bay
Two back socks, Star
Registered Name:
Show Name:
Brisaya Socks
Riding Level: Intermediate +

Brie is a wonderful horse!  She was a polo horse until she was 8 years old.  She got hit in the eye with a polo mallet and is mostly blind in one eye.  She is super well trained and has a lot of heart. Brie has been here the longest of any horse at FEC, she has calmed down a lot as she's aged and now rides intermediate riders w/t/c no problem. She is still a favorite with the older kids but now is a steady intermediate horse.

Our sweet princess crossed the rainbow bridge in early December of 2012, after she unexpectedly had to be put down due to a bout of undetectable weather colic. 


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