Private and Group Lessons         For Every Horse Lover!

Printable lesson information for 2015-2016

Regular Intermediate to Advanced Group Lessons  

The suggested starting age for beginning riders entering into regular full length group lessons is no younger than 8 years old. 
(Riders younger than 8yrs old need to start in the beginner group lessons or beginner private lessons). 


From time of arrival to departure for regular group lessons:  (1hour to 2 hours)
Lesson proceeds as follows: riders arrive, halter their horses (from stall or field), groom and tack their horses, lead horses to arena and mount, ride for 40-55 minutes depending on class size, dismount, lead horses back to barn and untack, put horse away.

Beginner to Novice Group Lessons   
(lessons geared towards young beginners: horse is saddled upon arrival by instructor, no grooming/tacking education)
The starting age for the beginner classes is as young as 6 years old.  Students will take on some grooming and tacking responsibilities as they gain more experience around horses.  If a young child does not meet the criteria to be accepted into beginner group lessons, they may take Private Pony Pal lessons.

Decision to take children as young as 6 in group lessons depends on the following factors:
* previous horse experience (from family horses or other barns/lessons)
* attention span
* size of the child and strength
* emotional ability to understand horses
* Safety concerns

From time of arrival to departure for beginner group lessons:  (about 1 hour)

Lesson proceeds as follows: horses are tacked up before or upon arrival, helmets are fitted, students lead horses to arena, mount, ride for 30-40 mins, dismount, lead horses back to tie rails, help untack and put away horses.


Pony Pals lessons age 3- 4   Private Lessons (Currently Unavialable)

Start your young child in a short, fun, private lesson with Taya, who has many years of experience working with young children on horses. 
Horses will be on lead during the lesson and Taya will play fun games with your young child for 15-30 minutes, all the while your child will gain confidence, balance, and basic riding and steering skills.  As your child progresses, they will come off lead to start steering on their own, while increasing their horseback riding skills.
                       3-4 years old -  $ 12 for 15 minutes private lesson. 


From time of arrival to departure for Pony Pals private lessons (30-45 minutes total)

Lesson proceeds as follows: horse is tacked up before or upon arrival.  Helmet is fitted or brought from home for small child, child is escorted to the arena and mounts - lesson begins.  The rider may leave at the end of ride time, the instructor will untack and put away the horse.

Private Lessons ages 5-17
30 minute private lessons for youth riders are available to work on your child's individual riding goals.  This is a standard riding time, where all components of a weekly lesson can be worked on.  You can expect to spend about 45 minutes at the barn, horses may be completely tacked or riders may assist instructors in tacking.

Longer length lessons are available upon request and prices are listed on the price page.

What We offer

Here at FEC, we offer both english and western style riding.  You can start either style you wish depending on what you want to learn.  English riding is sometimes thought of as "harder" than western.  But the first few levels of riding are almost exactly the same no matter what discipline you choose.  You will progress quickly because of the thorough  teaching methods we use that concentrate on balance and muscle building.  Most riders do not spend much time in the beginner 1 level because they gain confidence quickly, on our wonderful lesson horses.  

Please note * for the safety of our horses we do have a 200lb weight limit.  The Weight Limit is due to the size and condition of our horses, the workload they must perform, and without our horses we cannot make a living.

What to expect at your first lesson?
New Riders:
Your horse will be waiting for you at the tie rails or in the barn, or will be in a near-by area for you to catch.    You will learn how to groom and saddle your horse and then you will get to ride.  After your lesson, you will help to untack your horse, in the opposite order of when you tacked up.  Each week you will get more and more responsibility, until you can groom and tack your horse independently.  When your horse is ready to be put away, you will lead them to their designated spot or follow instructions, if someone else is riding them. 
Intermediate or Advanced riders joining from other barns:
Your horse will be waiting for you in the barn or you may have to go catch it out in the field.  You will groom and saddle your horse with help as needed.  You will most likely be joining a group of riders in a weekly class.

What should you wear to your first lesson?

Long pants that are comfortable, but not too tight are recommended.  All riders under 18 must wear a helmet, which we provide.  If you decide that riding is for you after you have taken a few lessons, please start looking for your own helmet to purchase.  You will be more comfortable in it because it will always fit and will not need adjusting.

Wear protective foot gear such as boots or tennis shoes (no opened toe shoes please.)  Boots are recommended.  Again you may decide to purchase a pair of riding boots after you take a few lessons.  Any English or Western style boots with a heel are fine, from any store.  Work boots, chunky heel and sole boots, and flat soled boots are not recommended.  Flat soled shoes can allow the foot to slip through the stirrup, they are not very safe.

What should you bring?

Remember to bring a signed release from with you to your first lesson.  If you forget to fill one out there will be copies waiting for you here at the barn.

ENGLISH AND WESTERN LESSON PAGES                                                                                                                                                                                                               

Click on the riding style you want, to see what you will learn as you progress as an      
English or Western riding student.

Weather is also a factor.  Lessons will be canceled for bad weather such as rain, extreme wind and cold, or snow.  Lessons will be canceled if it the high for the day is 95 or above.  Weather Disclaimer: Lessons will be canceled for bad weather such as rain, extreme wind and cold, or snow.
Lessons will be canceled if it the high for the day is 95 degrees or above (except morning lessons).  Please feel free to contact me with questions about cancelations.


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****We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone, for any reason.  FEC, LLC 2009****
Please be aware: Persons exhibiting disruptive or inappropriate behavior will be asked to leave the premises and/or riding programs. 2015