From Rock Hill, SC: From Fort Mill / Rock Hill, SC:

From 901 Heckle Blvd.  Go in the direction of 1-77, away from the Newport DMV.  Sings should say Edgemoor and mileage.

Follow signs for 901… after you go through the intersection of Saluda Rd and Heckle Blvd. at the next stop light the road ends in a  t-junction with Albright Rd. turn right onto Albright Rd. and then almost immediately  turn left onto Mt. Holly Rd at next stoplight.

Or when you get to the intersection of Saluda Road and Heckle Blvd.  Turn Right at the Burger King and go past the BP station (left) and go straight through the light.  You are on 901.

Once you are on Mt. Holly stay on 901 - Pass under I-77 and follow the directions from I-77.



Fleet Equestrian Center, LLC
2142 Hicklin Bridge Rd
Edgemoor, SC 29712

From I-77  GOING south -  take exit 73.                                          
At the bottom of the ramp go left towards Edgemoor under the interstate.                        

For about 4 miles you will be on 901 / Mt Holly rd. until you come into Chester county, where the road then becomes Edgeland Rd / 901.

You will come into the Edgemoor Town Limits.                                    
You are still on 901 the whole way.

The road will make a sharp curve to the left and then a sharp curve to the right like an S.                                                                                    
When you straighten  out of the second curve you will see Starnes rd. on the left.  (There is also a church on the left)

Turn Left onto Starnes rd.                                                                 
Continue for a little less than a mile.  You will cross a small bridge and then see Hicklin Bridge Rd on the right.

Turn Right onto Hicklin Bridge Rd.  Go 1/2 a mile, we are on the right 2142, we are the only fenced pasture on the right.